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The Stars

Astrology Readings

Knowing our astrological blueprint can help us navigate the world in a more powerful and self-aware way. When we understand our inner landscape and the transits that are making a meaningful impact in our lives, we gain access to more context and more compassion, both for ourselves and others.

I would say my understanding of astrology is minimal, but Alex was able to relay complex concepts with ease and patience and was so thorough in her interpretation of my chart. The part that struck me the most was how so much of what she said corroborated with my experience. For instance - my chart and her interpretation reflected a lot of the areas of growth I had been focusing on in recent years. Alex really validated my experience, and kept an openness and curiosity through the conversation that really fostered a positive experience. What a gift! 


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In your email, please include your birth date, exact time, and location, including any specific questions or areas of life you would like us to look at together. First-time clients automatically receive a natal chart reading, plus a light year-ahead forecast.

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