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Teacher. Witch. Chef. Physician. Weatherperson. Interpretive dancer.

It doesn't matter what you do - if you're up to real good in the world, and have a message to share, we might be a perfect fit.

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Here's How It Works

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call through the contact form below, and we'll talk about your vision for your future podcast​ and pricing details. If we decide we'd like to pursue a working relationship, we'll move forward with branding, technology, and all of the details to get your podcast launched in 4-8 weeks!

I want to work with folks who are interested in leaving the world better than they found it, whether that's through spiritual inquiry, social justice, or even comedy. My abilities span across genres so you can build your ideal podcast, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or science. At this time, I am offering sliding scale pricing with priority to folks who are promoting racial justice and to those with lived experience in marginalized identities.

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Get in Touch

Tell me about your project and what you've got in mind!

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