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Podcast Client Work

For the Love Media's clients range from weekly evergreen podcasts to one-off series to a one-time legacy audio projects that capture stories as gifts. Here are some of our absolute favorites.

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Things That Will Help

Launched in April 2020, Things That Will Help is a weekly podcast that takes an honest look at what it's like to be human. A storytelling podcast with a Southern twist, Buffy weaves life lessons that helps listeners navigate themes like empathy, boundaries, and creativity, and more. (And as a listener myself, it really helps.)


"Peggy" is a 9-part audio docuseries that documents Peggy Natiello, a pioneer at the intersection of feminism and person-centered psychotherapy. She also happens to be my grandmother. Listen to the first episode below for a peek into this incredible woman's life.

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Pod to the Rescue

This podcast is for dog rescues, fosters, adopters, and dog lovers desiring to smooth out the bumps of adoption and rescue. Hosts Emily and Libby provide evidence-based information on how to assimilate dogs into our human lifestyles in a way that is a positive experience for all species involved. 

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