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Website & Brand Design

Explore this portfolio brand design and website projects, meticulously crafted to create a compelling visual identity that truly showcases different creators' voices. From striking logos to intuitive colors, patterns, and image use, discover how For the Love Media's design helps target demographics have a beautiful and positive digital experience.

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Buffy Barfoot
Website & Brand

Buffy was looking for a website that could support her brand's transition from primarily yoga teaching into one that reflected her identity as a podcaster, writer, teacher, and facilitator. We wanted Buffy's brand voice to be edgy, accessible, warm, and grounded - like how it feels to take the first sip of hot coffee.

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Sweet Nectar
Website & Brand

Sweet Nectar was a unique project, as they offer an incredible variety of services: nourishing food, 1-1 coaching, group retreat organizational support, and more. We worked with desert colors - sage, lavender, and rust - to create warmth, wholesomeness, connection to the earth, and a sense of magic and wonder.

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Sincere Path Counseling
Website & Brand

After sixteen years of developing his therapy practice in therapy, mentorship, and comprehensive mental health care, Tim was ready to create a website that reflected his experience and called in his ideal client (folks who identify as seekers) while still maintaining and developing his practice of supporting folks with acute mental health issues. We created a welcoming color palette of earth tones and used textures to give the site a grounded and expansive feel, while using photos from his home base of Boulder, CO.

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