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production, consulting,
and media
for creatives committed to their craft.


+ About For the Love Media

Media, For the Love
of Your Craft

For the Love Media is a multi-media production company that specializes in supportive self-identified creatives in bringing their vision into the world. Services offered included podcast production, website and brand design, 1-1 creative consulting, and project management for creatives who need a little extra support in getting their work into the world. We work with musicians, artists, authors, coaches, and anyone who needs someone to help usher their creative expression into the world.

Brand & Website Design
Blending creativity, beauty, and functionality to elevate your business in the digital realm. Together we craft and compelling visual narrative that resonates with your audience and expresses the heart of your business.

+ Media Services

Audio Production
We create audio deliverables, from weekly evergreen podcasts to one-off audio biographies that tell your loved ones' story in a compelling way. Now taking on audio biography clients and projects with a short-term scope.
1-1 Work
Sometimes, you need support in getting your work in the world. If you have a project that has been on the back burner for a long time, or need help doing the grunt work, project management and consulting might be just what you need.
Alex is professional, brilliantly talented, and a joy to work with. She has the rare ability to be focused and sharp while still being soft enough to pivot when ideas evolve and change. Alex knows how to fully support people in whatever they need, even if they are uncertain about next steps. She is a masterful space holder as well as a soulful creative.

Buffy Barfoot

Website Client

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