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Shows I've Produced, Managed, and Edited

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The Legacy Series: Peggy

"Peggy" is a 9-part audio docuseries that documents Peggy Natiello, a pioneer at the intersection of feminism and person-centered psychotherapy. She also happens to be my grandmother. Listen to the first episode below for a peek into this incredible woman's life.

Live the Light of Yoga with Christina Sell

While this show is not a For The Love Media production, I co-host, produce, and edit this podcast which features internationally renowned yoga teacher Christina Sell. Christina, Britt Kassel, and myself explore themes of spirituality, faith, and yogic practices in a western context.

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Things That Will Help with Buffy Barfoot

Launched in April 2020, Things That Will Help is a weekly podcast that takes an honest look at what it's like to be human. A storytelling podcast with a Southern twist, Buffy weaves life lessons that helps listeners navigate themes like empathy, boundaries, and creativity, and more. (And as a listener myself, it really helps.)

Lessons from the MAP

Outdoor adventure changes how we view ourselves, but it can feel lonely as a woman in a male-dominated world. Join Jamie Blackburn as she interviews other female outdoor enthusiasts and explores how adventures in the natural world shape our inner landscape. If you are a female adventure athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to escape reality for a few minutes, join us on this journey!


The Opinion is Kwinn with Kari Kwinn

The central character in all of your relationships is... you. In each season, writer-teacher Kari Kwinn explores different matters of the soul from a wide range of lenses - from personal boundaries to yoga and pregnancy to grief. Shift your perception and improve every relationship in your life. Her unadulterated five cents and her propensity for holding both wit and gravity will benefit anyone craving healthier relationships and looking to live differently.

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